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Sailor Moon Icons

the drama-free sailormoon icon community

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All Members , Moderated

This is a Sailor Moon graphics community. Feel free to post your icons/bases, banners, backgrounds, or any other Sailor Moon graphics you've made, or even just join to see what others have made or request your own!

This community is members only. All entries are locked, so the only way you can see them is to join up. Membership is not moderated, but please don't abuse the privilege, and don't think that doesn't mean you don't have to follow the rules. Please be sure to read all rules before joining.

♥ Posts with more than four (4) icons must be under a cut or link.
♥ The credit/comment rules stated by the icon makers must be followed and should not be broken under any circumstance.
♥ Do not place claims or banners for claims from sm100 or the like here. If you want to post links to your claims, you may only do so if each update contains at least 25 new icons; meaning, you may only link your claim up to four times. For more information on this rule, see this entry.
♥ No causing drama.
♥ No advertising is allowed. If you'd like to be affiliated, please contact the mod.
♥ When requesting graphics with specific images, please put said images under a cut. A side note on requesting : don't be whiny, needy, or demanding.
♥ NO TROLLING OR RESPONDING TO TROLL POSTS/COMMENTS. If a troll posts something offending here, contact a mod immediately! Do not respond!
♥ Failure to comply with any of the above rules will result in a one-week ban. Recurring offenders will be permanantly banned, and IP addresses logged.

Along with the happy fun icon-ness, this community also features a weekly icon contest. You don't have to participate, it's just a fun thing to do. Each Monday, a new theme is posted. Members have until that Saturday to turn in their icons, which will be voted on by their peers.

all icontest business is on hold until further notice

Ru : Maintainer and head mod. All questions and comments should be directed to her; contact her by AIM or email.
[email: lukkaya @ gmail.com // AIM: lukkaya]

I'm looking for a few co-mods to help out around here. If you're interested, please contact me!

[x] image galleries and icon help resources

sm_cosplay | usagi_icons

If you would like to affiliate, please contact lukkaya!